We fight, we dare, we end our hunger for justice.

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The sign that I couldn’t read, or a light that I couldn’t see, some things you have to believe

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while you live, the revolution lives.

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when everyone’s fave but yours does the ice bucket challenge


is that a reaction or an example

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amoyed asked: i wanna suck your dick

if you know what i mean ;)

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**sorry for the blurry banner**

hi guys! So I reached 4k yesterday, so this is my 4th follow forever!!! Thanks everyone (especially my followers) ily guys xx

bold: people I’ve talked to at least once ay yes we’re friends

/ + everyone hover over your links kay /

special mentions;

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have a good day!

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i don’t remember when i made last ff and i’m in need of bringing at least a tiny bit of joy to others life, so i thought that maybe this follow forever will make someone smile for a short while or something idek 

i’m on tumblr for quite a long time now, and i’ve met so many incredible people, made friends, some really close ones, and even those with whom i don’t have the courage to talk to are all absolutely amazing and beautiful people who are making both my day and my dash brighter and better with their presence. thank you all, keep on being perfect, i love you  ❤ 

firstly though, a huge thank you to  ♕ liss ♕ i’ll probably never find words to tell you how much your friendship mean to me  and how much you’ve helped me throughout all the time since we’ve known each other. even when there are long periods when we don’t talk, nothing changes between us and i hope that it’ll stay this way forevurururur, i love you so much, mashed potato 

and now some of the awesomest of all awesome people on tumblr, whom i admire and envy bc too much fab {。^◕‿◕^。}

* - hover for short, cute message straight from my loving heart (i tried to be funny here okay) 


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Anonymous asked: Why are you still up?

Jet lag :’(

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Hey everyone i haven’t done a follow forever in a long time and i just felt that i should say how much i appreciate each and every one of you that follows me. You guys are all incredible. Also a special thanks to kiliansswan who made this amazing banner 


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I’d also like to thank Rebecca and Radha for actually dealing with me in real life. 

I apologize if i missed anyone please message me if i did and i will add you

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Anonymous asked: People in life you can't life without?

Family, closest friends, xkit guy, my chihuahauhauhaahaha

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Anonymous asked: where can i see you face?


im probably going to post a selfie soon bc i have a new top but my face is peeling because it got sunburnt so im gonna have to wait a bit

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Anonymous asked: Thirsty hoe. I'm sorry I just saw it in text after a picture and I thought that remark was hilarious, thirsty hoe, it just sounds unintelligently funny. The words themselves I mean.

What the

am i missing something??

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Anonymous asked: What was the best part about your holiday?

Oh my god like everything

Grand Canyon, Vegas, LA, Hollywood, Santa Monica, San Francisco, Yosemite, San Diego


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